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It's a great bag

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It's a great bag  Empty It's a great bag

Сообщение  weidamianjin в Вт Мар 10, 2015 11:28 am

Once you search at it in this way, the differences inside the visual appearance & texture of the leather, become much more apparent. You can actually see the stiffness & cracked overall look within the fake bag versus the soft and distressed glimpse of the authentic.http://www.luxe-italy.net/handbags-balenciaga-c-206_44.htmlThe most obvious difference between most of the fake Balenciagas and the authentic Balenciaga is the leather. The Authentic?ˉs is so soft that there?ˉs no way the bag will stand upright unless it is very tightly stuffed. As I mentioned above, the authentic bags tend to collapse once you set them down, even when the bags have many things inside.Get the bag that is coveted by celebrities everywhere! http://www.luxe-italy.net/handbags-balenciaga-c-206_44.htmlThis beautiful and trendy Balenciaga Lambskin Leather Mini Motorcycle City Bag has a chic shape that is made of distressed lambskin leather in an absolutely stunning matte black color, with chic hardware that creates an edgy combination. Stay versatile with the detachable shoulder strap for those non-toting days and a matching mirror that stay in place with a pass-through strap. It's a great bag for any stylish fashionista on-the-go!

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